EVER GREEN HAIR STYLES, written by K. RADHAKRISHNAN at Spillwords.com



written by: K. RADHAKRISHNAN


Some fashion trends come and go,
Some remained throughout ages in full glow,
History has seen some great hairstyles,
Pretty women with prettier smiles.

Marilyn Monroe’s glamour waves,
Men would gladly serve her as slaves,
That flirty blond hairdo made her a legend,
All ready to own that style without wasting a second.

Betty Page’s jet black hairdo,
Her pretty feet peeking through open toed shoe,
Many may have thought her a weirdo,
But it looked so fresh and brand new.

Marie Antoinette’s voluminous beehive,
In history’s pages, she is forever alive,
Imitated by many still it thrives,
We all have heard about it in our lives.

What to say about Cleopatra’s glided braids,
Made by many Egyptian charming maids,
Strong and bold, she looked so elegant,
Of course, her features were so delicate.

Look at Venus’s extra long flowing locks,
Barefoot without shoes and socks,
A Goddess beautiful who forever rocks,
Time freezes and so the hands of the clocks.

There is a girl making it big too with no hair at all,
In the “star wars”, Lieutenant Llia’s role was not small,
Beauty and hair may not always go together,
Our own Persis Khambatta, a precious jewel, we always remember.


(c) K. Radhakrishnan

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