DON'T BE JEALOUS! by Anahit Arustamyan at



written by: Anahit Arustamyan



Ah, human being!
You may knock on a door which is locked.
Do you think your boat is a key to a lock?
Do you think every door has a key hole?
Your knees might touch only a sea stone.
Don’t be jealous of a sea gull above the highest rock!
If only you were haunted to be a sea gull on a sea shore!
If only you were a free bird, you wouldn’t cry in the world’s fog.
Don’t be jealous of a sea gull in its white clothes!
No sea ever steals its hope.
Ah, human being!
Your footsteps might be on a short slope.
Don’t be jealous of a sea gull whose wings are long.

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