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Don’t Believe My Smile

Don’t Believe My Smile

written by: PYG’s Whisper



I wish I could close my eyes and sleep tonight
I wish I could erase those bad memories from my heart
I wish I could forget who I am just for one day
Please don’t believe my smile
Don’t believe when I say I’m fine
Don’t let me give up, hold my hand
Tell me I will be okay
Tell me I won’t be forgotten
Tell me I still have a chance, no need to be hidden
Don’t allow me to hurt my lips with this fake smile
Don’t believe it ‘cause I’m bleeding inside
I’m weak like a sick flower
I could die if you leave me alone
I’m so afraid of sleeping in the dark
And I can’t turn on the lights
‘cause I don’t want you to look at my ugly face
I don’t know why I’m crying again
I don’t know why this baby girl in me won’t grow up
I don’t know where to go
And I don’t know what to do
I’m lost in my own world
Many closed doors are surrounding me
but I don’t know which one I’ve to choose
Can’t find my way can’t see my future
my tears blinded my eyes, can’t you see I’m broken
My body is sweating, can’t you feel my hot fever?
I was screaming in my dreams but no one heard my voice
I was running toward paradise but my feet didn’t mirror my moves
Can you read my words?
Can you see my wounds?
Can you understand when I say
Don’t believe my smile
‘Cause I’m not happy at all
I can’t be where I want
Cause I don’t know where I belong
I don’t even know who I am..



I’m pretty sure that many readers will find themselves somehow between these lines!
Enjoy it and all your feedbacks, suggestions and comments are welcomed 🙂


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