Down The Plughole, a poem by Melanie Barrow at
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Down The Plughole

Down The Plughole

written by: Melanie Barrow


‘Stay clean-
It’s good hygiene’
Lessons from plagues long past
Lessons now re-learned fast

On a pedestal
Against the wall
Half-squeezed paste
Soap left to waste

Vanity on a shelf
Exfoliate yourself
Ultra firm, ultra lift
Those wrinkles shift

Grout the cracks
De-mist the facts
Of life wasted
Life not tasted

Total Immersion
Water a diversion
From those swirling thoughts
Another day fought

And won
So pull the plug out
Have fun!

Melanie Barrow

Melanie Barrow

Lives in Devon and teaches flute and piano. Her passion is History and Writing and has had several non-fiction articles published. Now her son has left for Uni she has more time to write and is challenging herself with beginning to write fiction.
Melanie Barrow

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