Down Through The Ages, poetry written by Susi Bocks at
Robert Lukeman

Down Through The Ages

Down Through The Ages

written by: Susi Bocks



from the ancient Celtic ritual
the festival of Samhain
replete with bonfires
and costumes to ward off ghosts
returning from the dead

to a pope stealing some traditions
folding them into all saints day
honoring the greats of that time
on all hallows eve
awaiting another transformation

then Halloween emerged
with families trick-or-treating
escorting the young ones
down one street after another
for a bit of fright and collecting candy
in their buckets or decorated pillowcases

manufacturers gain
huge capitalistic rewards on this day
sales being one-quarter of annual candy purchases
while parents reap only a week’s worth
of their children’s stash

goblins, witches, black cats on boo day
like all the rest of history
ever involving
become another thing to do

Aren’t you excited for the next version of hallow day?

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