Enter/Exit, short play by Anna Veress at Spillwords.com
Rob Laughter



written by: Anna Veress


Curtains open.
FATE is already on stage. Enter ME.
FATE has already staked its claim on ME the very moment ME appeared on stage. FATE’s claim on ME is evident, an unbreakable bond that was forged long before ME’s arrival.
This story has happened so many times and will continue to be happening.
There is nothing that can be done by ME to change the course of the story.
ME is merely the bystander in their own tragedy.
ME needs help but doesn’t know how to ask for it, who to ask for it.
ME does everything wrong to give hints but it is not working. No one sees ME.
ME is crying, not because ME is sad. ME knows that they have nowhere else to go, no choice but to live in this world (the stage). ME realized that they have no other world to choose from, no place to possibly escape to.
But ME is longing for a place to call home. ME is homesick. Mainly for themself.
This world (the stage) is not home to ME anymore.
The face in the mirror is not recognized by ME anymore.

ME succumbs to indifference and finds satisfaction there.
ME did not pay attention to the house on fire until it was already ashes.

None of what you see about ME is true, none of what you see about ME is a lie.
All of what you see about ME is ME bleeding out on center stage.
It is neither pretty nor beautiful; it is neither sad nor tragic.
It is whatever ME wants it to be.
ME doesn’t know when they will get sick of the blood or have nothing left to bleed for.
Maybe tomorrow.

Curtains close. ME leaves the stage.

Curtains open again. A new day has begun. ME does not enter the stage again.
ME found solitude and liberation in their own absence.
FATE remained on stage the entire time, indifferent to the course ME’s story would take.

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