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written by: Keith



Why are people so afraid to catch each other in a moment, lapsing into the vast eternity of life, like nothing else could ever matter beyond this singular moment, noting every speck of dust or every granule of sand as if it were the last time they could ever see with their own eyes the bits of lives past coming back to nudge them on, to view the next speck or granule, and from that moment of spiraling inward, everything outward becomes them?

Because we fear knowing it ourselves. We fear watching the universe stake its claim on our lives which we believe given up to death.

It’s time to speculate. Upon ashes and soot gathering along the edges of the firewood. Upon seashells and shattered glass scattered where we may stand at ease, and gather our own grain of sand, through which we may understand that which is both ours and not.

Let it begin from my eyes, that I may speak up for what I believe in.

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