Gravel Roads And Fields of Grass written by TM Arko at

Gravel Roads And Fields of Grass

Gravel Roads and Fields of Grass

written by: TM Arko


Let me go
From the cruel cities
Frozen hearted sadness
Mechanized madness
The manufactured thoughts
Of darkness
Away from empty philosophies
Artificial atrocities
Take me out from
Concrete illusions
Far beyond
The mindless confusion
Where birds sing
Among the warm pure sky
Where I can breathe the free air
Before I die
The swaying trees whisper
While I am
Watching the river flow
Water wrapped around the hillside
In the mystic evening glow
Let me wander like
The chiming wind
Let me be free
Free to pursue
The perfect bliss of love
Far beyond the gravel roads
To fields of grass
Beneath the sun
The perfect soon will come
The false will
Fade away
Let me open my eyes to see
All the glory
Surrounding me
On every new day

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