Eve Eats The Apple, poetry by Jake Cosmos Aller at Spillwords.com
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Eve Eats The Apple

Eve Eats The Apple

written by: Jake Cosmos Aller



Eve was in the garden
Talking with Mr. Snake
Her new best friend

She was complaining about Adam
And about the management
Of the garden

The snake suggested she eat
The forbidden fruit

She said but the man
Said that I can not eat
That fruit
It is forbidden

Yeah that is what the man said
That is what he does not want you
To experience

The man and Adam
Are in on it together

I heard that Adam
Will eat the apple tonight
But you need to get there first

Do you trust me, Eve

Of course, Mr. Snake
So you know what to do

Eve ate the apple
Called Adam over
Told him to eat the apple
While the Snake chanted
Eat it eat it
Set yourself free

And so Adam ate the apple
And joined Eve
In knowing everything

God came down
Banished them from the garden
Telling them

Well you made the bed
You will have to sleep in it

Go away
You disgust me

And Satan
You won your bet
You damn Snake

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