The Tell-Tale Sips, poetry by Mihaela Melnic at
Peter Fitzpatrick

The Tell-Tale Sips

The Tell-Tale Sips

written by: Mihaela Melnic


I drank from your wineskin
the edulcorated truth
until the last drop
and I liked it
and then I loathed it
thus, you gave me another wineskin
to gnaw at and sip
thrusting me into the loop
enslaving me to perverse gluttony.

And how disturbing were your
multiple voices
that, like barefoot trolls, howled at me
from the corners of your mind
that is split.
I see shards scattered around and I wonder if they come from
your sense of guilt.

Sip by sip, I removed your
every mask in layers, like dead
skin, and obsolete are now
all the things said and done in between.

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