Destiny, poetry written by Red Tussock at
Shai Pal



written by: Red Tussock



Would he as a young child have thought,
For a fleeting second,
That it would be in the cradle of this beautiful place,
That he would breathe his last,
Did he at the very end marvel at the simple abundance his life’s journey created for this family,
Goodness knows as he was not one to dwell long enough to hear grateful thank you’s.

This man’s journey accomplished with an eternal smile upon his face,
A journey of no one deed of great earth-shattering an impact but,
A life, full of so many small accomplishments that added to the whole.
If there were one great gift he gave to us all,
It was the ability to smile and see the funny side of a situation,
To smile such a simple gift … an invitation to accept that life has a carpetbag of variety.

Weep not all of you that are left here by this place,
Neither be with heavy heart or thoughts,
Life is like the seasons,
The flush of Childhood,
The summer heat of youth,
Inevitable autumn of ignored wisdom,
A bitterly cold winter of decline,
The final cataclysm of our departure,
Be content in the realisation that,
At the moment of our birth,
The end is inevitable,
What happens in between,
Is ours to make and decide,
Our Destiny … our journey with our fellow man.

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