Everything About a Person's Feelings is in the Eyes, poetry by Obongofon Etuk at Spillwords.com
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Everything About a Person’s Feelings is in the Eyes

Everything About a Person’s Feelings is in the Eyes

written by: Obongofon Etuk



Within the depths of those forlorn eyes, I see,
A world of pain, yours & mine, an ocean’s endless sigh.
A silent cry for help, a desperate plea,
In every tear & sob, a shattered heart’s goodbye.

Within those windows to the weary soul,
Lie chronicles concealed in a lifetime of despair.
The weight of sorrow takes an endless toll,
As loneliness engulfs a heavy air.

The twinkle that once danced with youthful glee,
Is now forever lost in shadows fading into gray.
A portrait of a soul that used to be,
In those deep, searching eyes, it slips away.

But hope may still reside in that embrace,
For eyes can mend as love’s sweet light appears.
In tender moments, we find solace’s grace,
Rekindling warmth, and erasing countless tears.

For everything about a person’s feeling lies,
Within the silent language of their eye’s embrace,
In understanding, love, and gentle skies,
We see the truth, reflected in their faces.

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