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Pavel Danilyuk



written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



I used to believe the evolution of humankind
Shall bring us to magical proportions!

I still believe it!
Just hocus-pocus
Dimensions upon dimensions!

We do not even are able to imagine right now
How many of the dimensions are there!

Something on the scale
Of antiquity versus the present day.

Who would back then imagine
The planes and the rockets
Smartphones and iPhones
Electricity in our houses
Solar panels?

There is more to come!

Actually I happen to believe
The evolution will be both ways
The enhancement of the humankind
To the point of becoming
Sort of biological androids.

And at the same time
Evolution of the robots
Into androids, biological too
Who will be no different at all
From their human counterparts.

In the end they shall merge
Creating new human-android species.

Nothing to be afraid of
It shall allow us
To conquer the universes…

Distant galaxies shall become our homes
And the planet we are from shall remain a pearl.

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