Family, a poem written by JOHN BAVERSTOCK at





Haven’t seen my brother lately?
Seems like a thousand days,
Told him shan’t talk to him again,
Till he mends his ways,

Not spoken to me Dad?
Since he had that go,
When I mentioned it to me mum?
She didn’t want to know,

And me sister not seen her,
Since she started seeing Ray?
Last I heard from a mate,
He had got her in the family way,

Sometimes I think about my family,
Wondering how they all are,
Often think about calling in,
When passing in the car,

Been years since last saw them,
Heard my Dad had died,
Wish I had made up with him,
A strange thing that is pride,

Mum has been in a state,
Were married forty years,
Be strange going to funeral,
As not seen her for years,

Our Tommy will be there
And my sister Chelle,
All rest of family too,
As we say our final farewell,

Wish I had made up with him,
Can’t remember what was said,
No chance to put things right,
Not now that he’s dead,

Strange that word family,
And just what that word means,
Especially when they fall apart,
Over such silly trivial things,

Alas life is short,
And you don’t get a second bite,
Maybe pride should be swallowed,
For that chance to put things right.

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