Far-flung Dust, poetry by Claire L. Marsh at Spillwords.com

Far-flung Dust

Far-flung Dust

written by: Claire L. Marsh



You and I are one and the same
I’ve tracked us over the years
We both started bigger
Much sturdier and robust
But as time progressed
They wasted our mass
They wore us away
Until our parts are just
far-flung dust

You may be made of rock
I may be made of bone
But they’ve broken
and moved us
One and the same

Roots inflicted their deep cracks
That you can never reverse
You tolerate
their life
inside you
The deep caverns and
holes driven through you
You bear them now
Those parts of you
carried by the wind
To become that far-flung dust

My heart, my trust, my safety, my hope
Infinite voids they bored inside me
My skin, my bones creviced by force
My constant reminders
of parts slipped inside the wind
My heart, my trust, my safety, my hope
Swept away
Our dust flung far

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