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Farewell, My Angel

Farewell, My Angel

written by: Daniela Marie


“I’m sorry”
What more can I say?
Your forgiveness is blurry
I wanted you to stay

No words are enough
And you won’t budge
I wish I could reverse the clock
Just to feel our hands interlock

Just one last time

I want to look into your eyes
Eyes that could paint the skies
And to feel your breath and skin on my skin
That wanted to release me from my prison

A prison I had sentenced myself to
And there wasn’t space for two
I so badly wanted to be free
But it was me, who held the key

We had such potential
But I guess this is all consequential
By the time I decided to join you in freedom
You were done and indifference had won

You had locked yourself away in your own cell
And when I asked you where the key was
You wouldn’t tell
Your gentle sapphire eyes had turned cold
And the love you once gave me so freely you now withhold

I wish we could’ve moved on
But you kept holding on
Holding onto the wrong
Now this is our song

A song of hurt, betrayal and bitterness
Our love is lost to the wilderness
Where birds are silent and trees don’t grow
Where dry rivers once flowed

And now I stand in this barren land
Just hoping you’ll give me your hand
So that its natural lushness may be restored
But you
You won’t put down your sword

I feel shame in my mistakes
But I forgive myself for my own sake
And if you can’t
That’s your burden to bear

So drink your poison
I won’t take the blame
Stay in your bitter prison
Engraved with my name

I wasn’t ready for your relentless yet nurturing love
Once I saw my heart was safe in your hands
It was too late to take back my betraying shove
I watched the trust and love we had turn to ash

And all of it was my doing

My actions started a wildfire
Wiping out all I ever desired
Leaving us in a wasteland that could never bear fruit
We had passed the point of no return, there was nothing I could say or do.

And for that, I am sorry
You are my love, my light, my life
I love you, I love you, I love you
I am sorry I realised it too late

I wish you the world
I wish you heaven
I wish you joy
I wish you peace
I wish you love

But most of all,
I wish you freedom.

Farewell, my angel.
– Your love

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