Fear, poetry written by Sahil Mudasir at Spillwords.com
Mali Desha



written by: Sahil Mudasir



Fear is not always near
We create there and bear
the brunt and suffer here.

Nay, we run off and don’t face,
Maybe we are unprepared to impress
Or unarmed to fight her back
And allow her to cage us easily.

Fear does never care but tears
Our determination,
the results of years of toil
And makes us like a victim.

Remember, fear is not commanded,
It flows naturally into our hearts
Like it looks for a barn desert
To fall and rest awhile or a moment.

Alas! We don’t face her bravely
But run away or hide behind the bushes,
Only to let her search for us again
And teach us the script of her stuff.

We all expect and face fear
Better is to defeat her
Only thence can we expect
Victory over such a natural “companion”.

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