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Beloved Expectations

Beloved Expectations

written by: Sahil Mudasir


Every day and night,
I do expect her arrival
Under warmth of the sun
And blackness of the night.
She may come one day,
I hope, and will collect me in her arms
Against the hot furnace of the steel disc,
Or may hug like the moon does the stars.

Forsaken am I, like those caravans
Who have lost their way to destination,
My heart weeps and gives voice
Far off from the valley of displacement,
Alarming, with a hope of her vision,
There is no sign of human habitation,
And no symbol of peaceful nature,
As the heart departs from heart
Only to hold an expectation of some being.

Ah my love, come, let us dream
Of the days, when we will be together
And will be playing the hopscotch,
Upon the sandy banks
Of our marriage bed.

There will the morning sun,
Full of nature’s attire and foaming
With mind’s hue and heart’s desire,
There will be songs of crickets
Like the symphony coming
From some jolly avenue.

Remember! Where the world is short lived,
Our love, but an uncanny one,
To inspire all since ages to go.

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