Changing Times, written by R 'i' P at

Changing Times

Changing Times

written by:  R ‘i’ P



All these years,
We have seen a lot through our eyes,
Nature, creatures and beauty wrapped in skies,

But today, sitting in the lap of the night,
I see a world wrapped in violence,
Wish I could fill in the spaces with some silence,

All these years,
We have heard a lot through our ears,
Rhymes, chimes and music to cheer,

But today, changing with the speed of sound,
I see a world crying in pain,
Wish I could lift up the voices, waiting for rain,

All these years,
We have said a lot through our lips,
Praises, verses, and few encouraging tips,

But today, with unprecedented fear,
I see a world hiding their words in flame,
Wish I could give them a space to carry their name,

Let voices not be controlled by a gun,
Let people see the morning sun,
Let the sound of peace prevail,

When I open my eyes,
After this night; crawling like snail!



Let’s not be controlling but a guiding force.

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