Fluidity is Mine, poetry by Lauren M. Hancock at Spillwords.com

Fluidity is Mine

Fluidity is Mine

written by: Lauren M. Hancock


strip the layers of calcified anger
the veins deepened grown harder
pick at the years solidified
made stronger
with doubts as contrasted fissures

the broken shards fall away lightly
some heavier counterparts become shattered in a
manner so fiercely
I hack hack hack with that object
that artifact
breaking me into pieces
an imperfect mosaic

laid scattered all around
this autopsy
my heart displaying
a spread biopsy
bloodied and bruised veins to peruse
the calcification is anything but fancy signs
of my harried lacking of patience

I want to clear this atmosphere
anger begone dispel these heavy contents
of my past, once stock standard, usual,
and here and now will the breakage
damage be spread
far and wide,
the world will feel
the broken hurt
the frozen pride
the incorrect behaviours
the nodules interrupted
exacerbated on high

but time will tell
the healing
closure of these travesties
and more
I know, I’m aware, I understand
it’ll take time
to again smile
be delighted
remove this belligerence ingrained in me
and looking back on this moment
years ahead,
now this time,
I’ve actually realised I’ve made it,
no longer calcified.
fluidity is mine.

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