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written by: Abha Das Sarma


The dead awakens, to lay more
Into it's already dead,
Fury ensues, walls of water abound
Dragging all, to silent depths,
Faces, blackened with fear, match
The crows, diving low, scratching through the heads,
Amphan breathes, fuming wind
Making warmth, scarcer in times of Covid-19,
Prayers notwithstanding, a verdict
Of Wrath Divine.

Abha Das Sarma

Abha Das Sarma

Abha Das Sarma is an Indian writer with a blog of over 200 poems. An engineer and management consultant by profession, she is passionate about writing. Her poems have appeared in the Spring 2020 Issue of Muddy River Poetry Review. Having spent her growing up years in small towns of northern India, she currently lives in Bangalore with her scientist husband.
Abha Das Sarma

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  • Wrath - August 24, 2020
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