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What Do We Know?

What Do We Know?

written by: Marc Brightside



In January, Ms Oliver was done,
thought she could get away with dying.
For the first time, she was wrong.
Meanwhile, the world goes on.

She left us in the jaw of nothing.
I don’t care if it was cancer,
her lymphoma should have known
better than to think itself important.

Now I want to write something
so simply about love, or pain,
we remember where it came from.
One, wild, precious life.

Tell someone that you love them.
Give away your money, all of it.
In a thousand years, the buried stones
will feel themselves being touched.

Tell me more about despair,
and I will surely tell you mine.
When no-one else remembers,
I will sing these songs anew.



This poem is a tribute to the late poet Mary Oliver, and contains references and allusions to her followings works: Moments, The Summer Day, Lingering in Happiness, Wild Geese and Spring. This poem was taken from my second poetry manuscript, Personal Impersonal.

Marc Brightside

Marc Brightside

Marc Brightside is a UK-based poet who discovered poetry under the tuition of Julian Stannard, his own work characterised by darkness interspersed with humour and introspection. He is affiliated with Poets Anonymous and Gobjaw, and can frequently be found performing in-and-around London. His debut collection, Keep it in the Family, was published in 2017, while he is currently seeking representation for his second manuscript, Personal Impersonal.
Marc Brightside

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