The Travelers Tales of Loneliness by RayFed at

The Travelers Tales of Loneliness

The Travelers Tales of Loneliness

written by: RayFed



Might not a lover in his waning years,

With his idle hands and an absent stare,

Shuffling the pages of a writer’s note,

Surprised, turn to look on empty air.


His thoughts once and all, his only worth,

But now forgotten on dusty shelves.

When his youth and love imbued the mind

and he rose anew in ancient tales.


Tears break forth that ever this should be.

Love is a vision that would soon rearise.

As if pain like light rose above the sea,

And his heart did leap with mad surprise.


When a kiss from love shines in the eyes.

He sees his own spirit look back at him.

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