Homage To The Priestess, a poem by David Russell at Spillwords.com
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Homage To The Priestess

Homage To The Priestess

written by: David Russell


Your braided hair a magnet
Which made a mightier charge
When braids were loosened,
Loose hair of airy silkiness
Deep echoed by your robes,
A second layer of stole.

Oh was it you
Who catalysed the masses
To raise that so palatial temple,
Make fitting bowers and chambers
For godly visitations

Oh with the work complete,
were you then bound
And sheltered in that shrine
Regaled by one-way visitation?

Or did you opt to venture forth
And match great warriors
In trials of strength
Your loosened tresses
Pierced the earth’s thin crust;

You took the plunge,
Became the element
Wherein you were immersed –
The planet’s seas, rivers and rivulets,
Boundary of fresh and saline.

Would that I could decipher
Your sacred knotted codes,
Gain access to your truths.

Would that I could span
The gulfs of time
For you to cross that bridge
Your fleshly zest, exuberance
Preserved, as hair and bone,
Beacons of my reassurance.

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