Fun-house mirror universe at

Fun-house Mirror Universe

Fun-house mirror universe

written by: Michael Dickel



Today they accidentally warped
space, bent it faster than light-speed—
our future joy-ride mirrors the past in a
reflecting universe from the omega-alpha.

Mirror-time runs from the future.
We scurry from the past, dance
in some now to big-bang tunes.


Big-bang music plays, lots of horns,
rhythmic chords jazzing the space-
time continuum to sultry vocals and
background choruses—fancy-dance.

Fancy brass resounds, a present
about halfway between birth-death,
end-beginning. Desire seeks continuity—
entropy choreographs standing ovations.


Glass-water dances over mossy rocks,
wears away mountains. Crust
stretches to the sparking sun,
rushes clear, cold blood down its skin.

Michael Dickel

Michael Dickel

Michael Dickel writes and publishes poetry a lot. His third book, War Surrounds Us, has been well-reviewed. (Available on, b/c what isn't?)
He is an associate editor at The Woven Tale Press and a contributing editor for The BeZine . He has a lot of impressive credentials, but hey, the poetry speaks for itself.
Michael Dickel

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