Fun-house mirror universe at

Fun-house Mirror Universe

Fun-house mirror universe

written by: Michael Dickel



Today they accidentally warped
space, bent it faster than light-speed—
our future joy-ride mirrors the past in a
reflecting universe from the omega-alpha.

Mirror-time runs from the future.
We scurry from the past, dance
in some now to big-bang tunes.


Big-bang music plays, lots of horns,
rhythmic chords jazzing the space-
time continuum to sultry vocals and
background choruses—fancy-dance.

Fancy brass resounds, a present
about halfway between birth-death,
end-beginning. Desire seeks continuity—
entropy choreographs standing ovations.


Glass-water dances over mossy rocks,
wears away mountains. Crust
stretches to the sparking sun,
rushes clear, cold blood down its skin.

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