Fusing Our Hearts Into One, poem by Pramod Rastogi at Spillwords.com
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Fusing Our Hearts Into One

Fusing Our Hearts Into One

written by: Pramod Rastogi


Lift your face, I want to see your eyes,
They have the candor of the moon
And the warmth of the blue sky.
In their depths, I wish to drown.

Do not feel shy; come near me.
I want to lead my tormented life
Under the shades of your aloof eyes.
The serenity they echo is now mine.

In my hands, I wish to hold your face
And gaze directly into your eyes
To look at the dreams you have stored.
With passion, I will fulfill your dreams.

Your beautiful face fills me with bliss.
The night is long, and the stars are new.
I beckon your face into my raised arms
And touch with my lips your closed eyes.

Luscious and submissive are your eyes.
Intoxication is in their depths.
Still, they droop down as if in sorrow
And both of us shed tears in abundance.

In the myths, love is an ocean of emotions.
Our eyes overflowing with poignant love
Have spilled streams of them, purifying us,
Melting and fusing our hearts into one.

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