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written by: Gavin Haycock



the apple once fell or once bitten
sometimes hard to say
orbiting a sun, moon circles, tide turns twice in a day
obsessive compulsive celestial order
I cannot recall this thing, hanging there
in between
in space
may have been born from a thousand yesterdays
or yet to come
within an emerging breath
ephemeral, eternal
murmurs in light
a fine missing line
somewhere beyond afternoon and before dusk when the horizon disappears
above sea and below sky
or when a rainbow’s arc falls from cloud to ocean
words heard, things said and unsaid, hanging there
in between
in space

Gavin Haycock

Gavin Haycock

Once a crime reporter, once a journalist and editor, then other things. Creatively, into poetry, crime fiction and short tales. A journey of many pages starts with words from one pen and all that ...
Gavin Haycock

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