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Get up!

written by: Anshika Sharma


Knocked out,
On the bed,
Under a paperweight,
I lie, facing the fan
Counting its hands
While it loops in slomo.
And I flutter
Like a bird dreading the man.

“Get up”,
But can you?
With a glass ball in your head
In pieces, piercing,
Each weighing more than you?
Buried in comfort, when
I mumble cries
They sound like the epitaph I wrote
For a cloud
When it wailed like a mother
Losing its child.

Anshika Sharma

Anshika Sharma

A nocturnal old-teen with Polaroids as eyes that relentlessly shred the Real in discards for the full view of Magic. No qualms in replacing life with theatre, nods with conversations, and humans with...well anything but humans.

Also, I'm Batman!
Anshika Sharma

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