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She Who Laughs

written by: Anshika Sharma


I’m stuck with
A Medusa in the mirror.
She laughs
In her imperfect skin,
Widely spread
As cracked porcelain.
Her stoned red stare
At my wavering ways,
Her unabashed hair
Like fire, they
Rise to consume me.
And I know,
Like a snake, one day,
She would
Enter my body
Through the crevices
Sitting behind my eyes
She would speak
For me.

Anshika Sharma

Anshika Sharma

A nocturnal old-teen with Polaroids as eyes that relentlessly shred the Real in discards for the full view of Magic. No qualms in replacing life with theatre, nods with conversations, and humans with...well anything but humans.

Also, I'm Batman!
Anshika Sharma

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