FIST OF AFFIRMATION, poetry written by Steven Fortune at



written by: Steven Fortune


Affirmation is a moving target
when the gun is in
accommodation’s hand

Schizophrenic verities
equip a fashion sense
too eclectic for their own good

Who you know and
what you know about them
hover like theories over analytic heads

Vagaries of uncertain quirks
shatter and devolve into rainbows
of ultraviolet idiosyncrasies

Affirmation is reflected back
to blinded affirmation hunters
Fortune hides in pockets of accommodation’s stitches

When is someone known?
When a shot of inquiry incises every thread
of a facade’s slippery couture?

Affirmation wears a mood ring
like a mirrored shield
on its long and lanky hand

Should a fist be made
the fight is lost and no extent of
piercing is ordained to hit the mark

In the presence of the fist
all that’s left to do is dodge
innuendos aimed at opening a mood

Eventually it’s all too clear
that you’re the moving target timing
someone else’s bullet dance of accommodation

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