Violin Tears, poetry written by Joni Caggiano at
Simon Mleonardo

Violin Tears

Violin Tears

written by: Joni Caggiano



tears crystalize on my small face like water on frozen glass
quivering my hand reaches out with such yearning
colors of sapphire, and rubies I throw onto our canvas
arising shapes of merriment mix with raw, passionate memories
cascading like secret rivers seeking new tributaries
flutes thrill as life kisses my soul, and an orchestra performs
tiny dancers twirl, floating on an atmosphere which is untainted love
mournful aching brings tears to the sky, as a violin cries her tune
God sees us, as His strength echoes, His touch like unfaltering golden feathers
reaching, seeking as soft drums bequeath His purposeful reminder
I am here – call My name

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