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The Swan King

The Swan King

written by: LadyLily



Fine fibre lashes flicker, flutter.
Sailing trance-like on warm reflected glass,
Royal icing sculpture, still Lily-White feathers.
Ripples giggling, Dragon Flies dipping,
Sticklebacks cha-cha clumsily within own shadows.
as pulsing circles steady…peaceful.
Lilac Water-lilies whirl-curl open,
as perfumes whoosh! Midges hypnotic.

Verdant reeds stand stiff, honouring dawn’s yellow-zest ribbons,
as a frozen Butterfly poses for flight.
‘S’ curved, sparkling neck, full-stop onyx pupils,
he glance-glares at a Mallard trio…
olive flecked necks scuba dive in shell-pink wellies,
then line-dance…
’One-two, one web forward,
two-three, one web back.
four-five shake booty!’

Rainbow Trout ker-plop leap in this shrine-still lake,
mountains laminate into silver firewater.
As a billion tiny stars come together enhancing wizard–white plumage
the Swan Queen follows his webbed tracks.
Wisps of twirling mist creep in gentle hush,
lovers serenely drift beneath skies of solar-blue,
on bluish-wine water, saturated in Heaven–leaking light,
a fading fairy-tale vanishes into Moonlight’s magical veiled silk voile.

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