Lamenting Truths, poetry written by Emma L Flint at
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Lamenting Truths

Lamenting Truths

written by: Emma L Flint



Forgotten and afraid
A life of confinement
Of drawn out days.
Our loved ones are far
But our devotion is near
No matter the distance
We push to persevere.

The media is rampant
They know what we fear
As the death toll rises
We shed bitter tears.
Some of us are angry
Others are scared
We’re sailing rudderless

We look for symbolism
For meaning and hope
Clapping rings throughout the night
But does it rectify your vote?
The NHS is strained
Struggling through death and dismay
This could have been different
But you voted with ignorance
A price we’re to pay
Now we’re all frightened
Can you see what we’ve lost?

The world is changing
Lines are being drawn
Amidst the chaos don’t become a mindless pawn.
Remember what brought us to our knees
It was more than a wicked disease.
The rich abused the poor
They discarded and toyed
We became overlooked and unemployed.
Yet now we matter
Now they care
This hypocrisy too great to bear.

Scrutinise their smiles
Question their lies
Have their damaging policies truly died?
When this is over
When we emerge anew
Don’t let them wash away the truth.
You worked hard
Your skin red and sore
You deserve more than clapping from a door.

Our government should lift you up
Fund you
Keep you safe
Yet you’re left to struggle while they smile to your face.
Sentiment is cute
It has a time and place
But to give it meaning we need action before it’s too late.

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