Beyond Sleep, poetry written by Emma L Flint at
Dương Nhân

Beyond Sleep

Beyond Sleep

written by: Emma L Flint



Everything’s too loud.

Lay in bed,
Next to the woman I love,
Our bodies so still,
Yet chaos reigns above.
In my head it races,
Thoughts not my own,
Every nightmare waking,
Feeling utterly alone.

I could reach out,
My hand slipping into hers,
But I don’t want to burden,
Be the reason for her despair.
She’s fraught like me,
Though she soundly sleeps,
Her mind races come the daylight,
Worries about us and me.

She fights to keep us safe,
To be the sanctuary I need,
How can I disturb her,
Snatch her away from sleep,
All because of me,
Because my worries creep in,
Snaking all around me?

It’s better to remain still,
To protect her from the frenzy,
The infernal noise within.

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