Don't Let Them In, poetry by Emma L Flint at

Don’t Let Them In

Don’t Let Them In

written by: Emma L Flint



Gentle rapping,
A knock at the door,
At such a late hour,
Whatever for?
Nervous hands tied in knots,
Grasp and open,
Yet no one stands there,
The entry an uneasy opening.
Dread trickles down your skin,
Along your brow,
Tacky skin.
There was definitely a knock,
A defiant roar,
So where is the person who called?
A shake of the head,
What an annoying situation,
Turn on your heels,
Slam the door in frustration.
Then you stop,
Your body flushed with fear,
Lashes quickly stained with tears.
What a soulless face,
White as a sheet,
Out of place,
It shuffles its feet.
You can’t run,
Nor can you hide,
It’s seen you,
Knows your name,
Forever destined to remain.

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