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written by: Tina Privitera-Reynolds


I am what I do.
And what is that?

I am the string in the bean;
I am the vein in the shrimp.

I water lilies in still ponds;
I blow dandelions in wind.

I clean the bar soap;
I scrub the dirty foot.

I sort the heaps of refuse;
I pencil mark the edges.

I am burst appendix pain;
I am a doll without a child.

I am what I do.
And what is that?

Tina Privitera-Reynolds

Tina Privitera-Reynolds

Tina Privitera-Reynolds is a 21-year-old part-time wage slave and full-time dreamer. She recently took up poetry as a sort of cathartic release, and she seeks to improve with every new poem she turns out. She mostly spends her time chancing shooting stars and combing grass for four-leafed clovers, just biding her time until she hits her Mega Millions jackpot.
Tina Privitera-Reynolds

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