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written by: Denise Rivera



The perfect punctuation.  The phrasing.
The pen is in the hands of a master.
She knows what to emphasize.  She builds the height of a phrase
and lets it fall gently, as a feather, down and away.
She knows the cues,
she knows dramatic effects.
A transition is her mother’s tongue;
a sword she wields swiftly and artfully.

This is for the show,
for an audience to be awed and astonished,
for the critic to spout breathless praise.
Awards are given.  Superlatives are used.


Oh, but not for you.
You are the vehicle, the method.
Your craft is not special, but useful.
Once generous, you enslave yourself.
You change the expectations, and,
like Sisyphus, must keep rolling the stone.

But time and storms are eroding the hill.

Ghostwriter, it is time to step forth from the stone’s shadow.

And take form.

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