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Giving and Forgiving

written by: Madhavi Godavarthy


Never tired
Going round
And round
Giving us
Circles of life
Hope we understand
You better
Comprehend your red green yellow
And stop pouring out
Our red and green and yellow
Hope Instead of making
You ours
We become yours
And be respectable guests
Letting you go on
And on and on
For those approaching
Little steps
Yes we feel your body
Hope we feel
Your soul too
Thank you
For giving and forgiving us
Mother Earth!

Madhavi Godavarthy

Madhavi Godavarthy

I am Dr Madhavi Godavarthy; a professor of English. Both; teaching and writing are my passions. I have published two books of poetry - 'Winged Words - From the Sea to the Sky' and 'Breathing Syllables' - Haiku. My interests include nature, philosophy and life itself. I believe in humanizing my classrooms as a teacher and I strongly believe that empathy plays an important role in our lives.
Madhavi Godavarthy

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