Grandparents' Day, micro story by Michael Natt at
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Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents’ Day

written by: Michael Natt


Violet:    Hi, my name is Violet Natt, and this is three good things about my grandparents. My grandma is a really good Sunday School Teacher. I like how she is goofy and nice, and she is a very good artist. Extremely great.

My grandpa is wise; the wisest in our family. Even wiser than the 99-year-old who doesn’t have that bad of a memory loss as much as I know. He’s really good at teaching and he takes care of the family.

Cheryl:  Thank you for making us grandparents.
Violet:   You’re welcome.
Me:         I love you Violet, I am so proud of you.
Violet:    I love you too.
Me:         You’re an amazing person.

Violet lifts her hands and makes the heart sign with her fingers.

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