My Grandpa, Jose, a poem by Norj Joseph at
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My Grandpa, Jose

My Grandpa, Jose

written by: Norj Joseph


The car was honking outside
It was my grandpa waiting
We’d take my grandma
To the school where she was working

As we traversed the road
Grandpa had these incredible stories
About every place we passed by
Leaving me in awe as always

After dropping my grandma
I’d take the front seat
And my grandpa continued his stories
As I undeniably admired his wit

Decades passed and white overcame his hair
Grandpa still tells his incredible stories
He never drives anymore
But he didn’t lose his glories

Now, my grandpa is on his way to paradise
He lived his life to the fullest
It’s my turn to tell my children the stories my grandpa told me
Stories about life, love, and everything that have made me

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