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written by: Robbie Masso



“I spent time researching
which over-the-counters
I can overdose with,
if push comes to shove.” she said.

Thank you for telling me that.
I’m (not) here when you need me.
I’ll be happy to bring back those
happy memories, though.

I still love when you lie to me.
You make me hate, you make me feel.
You make me feel something other than nothing.

I rode the spiral the best I could.
It took me where I thought it would.
Dreams relinquish childhood.

We saw the movies,
we read the book.

Why must your name be plastered
everywhere I look?

Your body has changed, so has your voice.

I’d let you die - given the choice.

Robbie Masso

Robbie Masso

Aspiring writer influenced by the likes of Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan, Langston Hughes, etc.
Robbie Masso

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