Hanging On written by Rebecca Lombardo at Spillwords.com

Hanging On

Hanging On

written by: Rebecca Lombardo



The darkness has found me once again
Cowering in fear, I wait for it to begin

I beg my brain not to let it in
I try diligently to keep it from growing within

The words no longer flow easily from my heart
It leaves me feeling helpless, unsure of where to start

It’s warm enough now that a comforting breeze blows through
I heard a message on the wind coaxing me to speak my truth

I’m drowning in an excruciating sorrow
Hoping each day for a better tomorrow

Please help me find my way
I don’t know if I can make it even one more day

I’m lost in the fear and sadness that overwhelms me
Longing for that moment when I am set free

I’m crying out for strength, but I don’t know why
I haven’t the energy to try

My hands are cracked and bleeding from holding onto this rope
All I can do now is rely on to the hope.

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