Halloween Madness, poem by David L Painter at Spillwords.com

Halloween Madness

Halloween Madness

written by: David L Painter


The moon is full seemingly riding
on dark clouds that sail by.
There is a chill in the air that
freezes the strongest soul.
Boney tree branches reach for the moon
wanting to snatch it from the sky.
A black cat scurries past.
The slow ticking of a clock signals
that the hour is late.
The fog starts to rise
obscuring everything from sight.
Graveyard creatures struggle to raise,
Witches, ghosts, goblins
walk this night.
No use hiding behind locked doors.
You know what they are here for.
They can smell your fear.
Sharp teeth and claws,
blood-curdling screams.
They can walk through walls.

So hide in your bed with the covers
pulled up tight
and you may be safe
until the morning’s bright light.
And who knows you may
survive another Halloween.

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