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He Has Favored Me

written by: Mary Lou McLaughlin MLMCL


He Has Favored Me…the Gracious
Through gazes from your eyes
I see your love….feel it deeply.
Through your eyes
Liquid rays of gold…shedding
Sunshine and heat,
Melting me to the core.
Through your piercing eyes
Arrows release me to Paradise.
My heart melts to copper, then to gold.
A mere gaze from the distance
We become one.
Locked. Priceless

Mary Lou McLaughlin MLMCL

Mary Lou McLaughlin MLMCL

Born in the Philippines. LOVE to write, Inspired to write, OBSESSED! Married 45 years 5 children 7 grandchildren.
Catholic background became a Baha'i. LOVE to travel-HATE to fly. Retired.
Mary Lou McLaughlin MLMCL

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