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Heading Towards The Summit



We all stood at the bottom,
Of a very big mountain,
Staring up, at the journey,
That we face in front of us,
We now need to formulate a plan,
On how to climb this mountain,
A plan that will help us get to the summit,
Which we cannot see,
But we also know,
In order to survive,
We have to try, and get to the top
This a challenge,
That we have not,
Fully prepared for...
So, it now becomes the time,
When we need to muster,
That one thing,
That lies within us all,
Called inner strength...
This will then unlock,
What is known as,
Strength in character,
Something we will also need,
To help us overcome,
The test that lies ahead…
Only then collectively,
We can turn this challenge,
Into the achievement,
That we so desperately seek…
Mountains as big as they are,
Can be conquered…
But it will take a team effort,
By all of us,
So that we can,
Climb this huge mountain…
That we see before our very eyes…

John Baverstock

John Baverstock

My poetry is normally easy to read, hopefully you will enjoy, I write poems on many different subjects, hopefully something for everyone...
love to all
JB x
John Baverstock

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