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Heart and Anchor (Double Vision)

Heart and Anchor

(Double Vision)

written by: sidonamarie



poet’s heart—
a duality,
a continuous choice—
must discern,
must choose a position
what is and is not—
to leave a port of call,
to find home shore and beach,
to maintain the light
anchoring in twilight,
in a dance
of double vision,
of storms and clear skies
where soul rests
and spirit soars—
a refuge,
a hiding place
for innocence and butterflies
against the barrage
of deceit and flies
amid perpetual dawn
and persistent dusk—
tragedy on morning tides
as rose petal scents
rise and recede
on a mourning breeze
beside the rocking of seas
while stars whisper
of fireflies and Easter,
of hope and promise
in my inner eyes and heart


Heart and Anchor can be found in my book By the Pond (Dreams, Imaginings, Musings). This piece was an attempt to describe where my heart, mind, and spirit exist when I am in the flow of a poem. My most fluid poems pull from the mix that moves my emotions in those moments. Sometimes words come out I do not normally use in everyday talking. I am quite different in person than the words on paper seem to portray.

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