Watching the Watchers written by RayFed at

Watching The Watchers

Watching the Watchers

written by: RayFed



There’s a place inside my heart, where reside my ego and my Id.

When my soul’s laid open bare for all to see.

It’s where I find the inner me is laughing de tout coeur.

And where my one true self is hid.


I did not intend to find so fine a place such as this is,

and these walls took quite a lengthy time to build.

And I find that in my mind I have everlasting time,

emotionally, to run far and wide afield.


So while you sit there and enjoy a most amusing look,

at what you must assume myself to be.

I’m there to, just slightly over, looking across your right hand shoulder,

watching you, enjoying watching me.

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