Her, short story by Alejandro Mársico at Spillwords.com
Jonathan Sanchez



written by: Alejandro Mársico



She was always saying that she’d already eaten for me to not feel guilty, but I always heard growls and stupidly thought what weird it was because we didn’t have a dog.
I never saw her sleep; she was always at the table when I woke up and giving me a kiss when I lay down.
She always made me feel secure, always safe although our world was crumbling down.
It’s hard for us, we are at disadvantage. Perhaps I should have taken the same job as my father but she pushed me to aim higher.
Now I have to come back… and I don’t know what she’ll say, if she’ll be disappointed, repentant of giving me so much and getting so little in return… But she just told me two words while her arms were wrapped around me: “welcome home”.
I know next time I’ll make it; I’ll aim higher and get there. For her.

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  • Her - November 12, 2022