Your Treasure, a poem by Karima Hoisan at
Mary Cherkesova

Your Treasure

Your Treasure

written by: Karima Hoisan


How I wanted to climb your high-walled soul,
As I sensed you had something hidden inside,
Something brilliant and battered in gold
Pounded to compassion in a priceless design.

There was barbwire and I had to be bold;
I so wanted to graze just the palm of your hand.
Your muscles flexed and I lost my hold,
But resolve grew bigger and helped me to stand.

I slid down the sides of your high-walled soul,
I was surrounded by smoothness and light.
Your pressed pain had made diamonds glow
This beauty inspired a poetic fire to ignite.

When treasures are hidden they can start to mold,
Yet what is worthless roams too freely outside.
You were right to lock up the untold,
Because only the truest will hang on the whole ride.

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