Here's To The Quiet Ones, poetry by Tamara Buber at
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Here’s To The Quiet Ones

Here’s to the Quiet Ones

written by: Tamara Buber


Be more outgoing! – they say
You’re such a bore! – they say
Why are you so quiet? – they say
You should smile more! – they say
Don’t you ever get lonely? – they say
Speak up! We can’t hear you. – they say
You’re totally missing out on life! – they say
Don’t waste your time staying at home! – they say
You shut everybody out! It’s so annoying! – they say
Don’t you have any friends to hang out with? – they say

I cherish the little things in life – like reading a good book. – we say
I value quality over quantity when it comes to my friends. – we say
You should learn to be comfortable being by yourself. – we say
I don’t need to be surrounded by people to have fun! – we say
Just think before you speak! It’s not that hard! – we say
I only let people in once I trust them enough. – we say
I’m listening when others speak up. – we say
Why won’t you be a little quieter? – we say
I’m comfortable with silence. – we say
You’re way too loud! – we say

Because life doesn’t have to be loud and filled with chatter.
Because sometimes, silence can be just as comfortable.
Therefore, here’s to the quiet ones.
The introverts.

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